Commercial Mortgages

Business owners and investors generally use commercial mortgages to purchase, refinance, or develop commercial (income producing) properties such as hotels, motels, shopping centres, office buildings, apartment complexes, and warehouses.

Mortgages for commercial properties are financed differently than those for residential properties, and are subject to stricter lending requirements. For example, with commercial mortgages, lenders examine risk and affordability by looking closely at a business's projected income. A business plan is generally required for the application, as well as an array of supporting financial documentation.

Right to Own Mortgages has extensive experience securing financing through a traditional bank or financial institution private commercials lenders. Our team excels at preparing commericial mortgages applications and providing clients with the guidance and experience to successfully complete the application process.

If you're interested in purchasing a commercial property, we can help you understand the down payment and equity requirements of institutional and private lender, and work through how best to sastify these components.